Check-in information

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Check-in information

Check-in of tickets and baggage for passengers departing on Domestic flights is performed at check-in counters 1-5, which are located on the first floor of the terminal, check-in for International flights is performed at check-in counters 6-10. Also, each service hall – VIP, CIP (for Domestic / International flights) has separate counters for passengers’ check-in. VIP and CIP halls of the airport provide passengers of a special category with the most comfortable conditions for a flight waiting and passing organizational, customs and border formalities.

The entire check-in process is performed by an automated check-in method using TRAVSYS DCS systems and other airline systems.

Check-in for International flights usually starts 3 hours before departure and ends 40 minutes before departure. Check-in for Domestic flights starts 2 hours before departure and ends 40 minutes before departure.

For carrying baggage in excess of the established free baggage allowance or other baggage that is subject to payment, a fee is charged at the rate set by the carrier. To pay for the transportation of such baggage, the passenger must contact the airline’s representative at check-in, and in case of his absence, the agents at the check-in counters.

After tickets are issued, passengers proceed to the boarding control, which is also performed using an automated system that helps to determine whether all registered passengers have boarded the plane.