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Turkistan transfer Turkistan airport transfer service has been serving since 2021. You can get support for your airport departure and return transportation from our company, which serves a wide area such as Turkistan airport and Turkistan city centre, Shmkent (Chimkent) city centre, Shmkent (Chimkent) airport, Tashkent. You can find different transportation alternatives under the same roof for the region you are going to or for your return transportation from the airport. We are able to respond to your Turkistan transfer requests throughout the year and at any time of the day. You can call for a fast and comfortable transportation from Turkestan Airport, which reaches a little more passengers every year. You can reach Turkistan Airport Transportation services and alternatives from the transfer reservation link below. All vehicle types are supplied according to your wishes. For detailed information, reservation +7 707 499 13 13

Turkistan city centre

Shymkent city centre

Shymkent Airport

Tashkent city