For passengers with reduced mobilities

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For passengers with reduced mobilities

Passengers with disabilities

Almaty International Airport offers a range of services to assist passengers with disabilities when they are directly at the airport.
You will be met by qualified personnel who will provide assistance and assistance at all stages of operational maintenance.

How to use the services?

When booking and buying an air ticket, be sure to inform us what special services and assistance you will need at the airport and during the flight.
When contacting you, you need to inform:

  • Flight date and number;
  • Airline name;
  • Nature of restrictions;
  • About the presence of a wheelchair, its dimensions, the possibility of transformation, the presence of a battery;
  • About the presence of crutches or a guide dog;
  • Contact information;
  • What services do you need;

For the convenience of staying and moving people with disabilities at the airport there are:

1. Parking for people with disabilities;
2. Relief tactile designations of traffic paths, starting from the bus stop to the entrance door of the terminal building;
3. Help call buttons in all sanitary units for PRM;
4. Round-the-clock escort service for passengers with disabilities;
5. Specially equipped information racks, which are equipped with induction systems, cameras and monitors, as well as connected to the city service for sign language translation of persons with hearing disabilities;
6. Audio and visual accompaniment of information in elevators;
7. Support handrails according to SNiP in all sanitary units for PRM;
8. Chairs marked with a sign (PRM) in all waiting rooms;
9. Wheelchairs intended for delivery on board the aircraft;
10. Sound panel for the visually impaired – A mnemonic is a terminal layout designed specifically for blind or visually impaired people.
11. Ambulift (special car with lifting cab) for passengers with disabilities.

All services are provided free of charge.