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Havaalanı yardımı

Turkistan International Airport provides airlines with assistance in the movement of passengers with reduced mobilities (provision of wheelchairs, ambulift, etc.). services for passengers with disabilities are provided free of charge at the airport.

To serve this category of citizens, a preliminary request for service is a prerequisite. The application must be submitted 48 hours before the departure / arrival time specified in the ticket.

Information about the equipment of buildings of passenger terminals “Turkistan International Airport” for people with disabilities:

  • 8 Parking spaces.
  • Parking and Terminals are equipped with special help panels.
  • The terminals are equipped with tactile tiles that lead from the forecourt to payphones inside buildings, in front of disabled toilet stalls.
  • In the terminal, all service and waiting areas have specially equipped toilets and showers for the passengers with reduced mobilities, equipped with buttons for calling help.
  • The territory of the station square is equipped with ramps.
  • The elevators in the terminal buildings are equipped with Braille buttons.
  • The terminal building is equipped with automatic doors at the entrance groups, in the arrival, departure and boarding areas.
  • All information signs, plaques and pointers are adapted for visually impaired passengers and guests.
  • Special seats are allocated in the waiting rooms.
  • There are 6 wheelchairs and 2 inter-row wheelchairs available to serve people with limited mobility.
  • Airport personnel meet and accompany passengers with reduced mobilities from arrival to the airport to accommodation on board the aircraft, and from the aircraft to the vehicle that meets the passenger.
  • There is a medical center and medical staff who provide assistance to citizens with disabilities.

The procedure for handling passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs)